FST Mohammadia Listes des étudiants pré-sélectionnés Concours cycle d’ingénieurs 2014-2015

La Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Mohammadia


Concours cycle d’ingénieurs

FST Mohammadia

Listes des étudiants pré-sélectionnés:


fst-mohammedia concours

Concours cycle Ingénieur d’état

Listes des étudiants pré-sélectionnés:

Ingénierie Logicielle et Intégration des Systèmes (ILIS)

Génie Mathématiques et Informatique (GMI)

Génie des Procédés et d’Environnement (GPE)

Génie Énergétique (GE)

Génie Eléctrique et Télécommunications (GET)

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  • ana le 8 dewezt concours dyl l’info pour cycle d’ingénieur f la fst media , 3tawna épreuve dyl info o sa7o lwra9 o le meme jour derna l’oral wejdoo mzn . bn chance

  • khouti , achno ghadi ykoun f concours dyal GET , yalah dayrin f PROCEDURES DE SELECTION:
    A) Etude du dossier
    B) Examen écrit : tests écrits (Classique et/ou QCM)
    C) Entretien
    merci d’avance

  • Your comments on the celrey are fairly typical. Organic veg often doesn’t look as good as supermarket stuff, but I find tastes and smells much better.We had some rather wonderful globe artichoke, parsnip and carrot mash (all A&C) with a veggie roast yesterday even if I say so myself.

  • I do not know where Jean got her labels for the dolube Sunghir haplotype but I do know that she is at least as reluctant as you are, D., of accepting a pre-Neolithic H. Like you, she is trapped in a labyrinth of misleading molecular clock hunches and the belief of the « Zilhao school » of total demic replacement, which is contested by most other prehistorians I know of (and even the data of the only incursion Zilhao himself made into ancient population genetics, linked above). No, she is trapped in the school of « I won’t say there was haplogroup H in pre-Neolithic Europe when no evidence for it has appeared, and it is absent in the vast majority (if not all) pre-Neolithic individuals whose haplogroup has been accurately determined ».You may want to believe in Iberian exceptionalism, i.e., that Iberia has been an island of genetic continuity since the Paleolithic, even though every other sample point in Europe points to population discontinuity even since the Neolithic (with the exception of Sardinia), but your blind faith in an unpublished and uncited Iberian conference paper from 2005 is not sufficient evidence.So would you say it is true that within Europe mtDNA haplogroups U4 and U5 are the only pre-Neolithic or Mesolithic origin haplogroups found among modern Europeans?Kostenki was U2. There is also U4 in Mesolithic samples from Central/Northern Europe, as well as non-U from the Pitted Ware culture, although those are from a time period long after the introduction of agriculture into the continent.

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